IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Fire Safety Option 03

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Know how to summon Fire Brigade and what to do while waiting.




Aim of Badge To build awareness of fire safety.

This Badge has 10 options of which 10 must be completed

Find Out About 112/999 Emergency Phone Numbers
• Explain to the Guides that at some point in their life, they may need to call the emergency services such as firemen, police, medical personnel or coast guard
• By being prepared for calling the emergency services, they can get the help they need much more quickly which can often make a big difference
• What is 112? (see answer overleaf)
• What happens when you call 999/112? (see answer overleaf)
• What type of questions will you be asked when you talk to the Emergency Services call -talker? (see answer overleaf)
• Explain how to make an emergency call for a locked mobile phone
• Complete a Unit Fire Drill
• Take about not going back into a building


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