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Outline dangers of gas (bottle & mains) and what to do in case of leak.




Aim of Badge To build awareness of fire safety.

This Badge has 10 options of which 10 must be completed

Discuss the safety risks involving gas, what to do if you smell gas,
• Who to call –If you smell gas you should contact Gas Networks Ireland immediately on 1850 20 50 50 (24 hours).
• Do not turn any electrical switches on or off (e.g. ignition switches)
• Do not operate any equipment
• Move people away from, and upwind of, the affected area
• Prevent smoking, the use of naked flames, the use of mobile phones or other ignition sources near the leak
• Report the leak/damage immediately to Gas Networks Ireland 24-hour emergency service 1850 20 50 50
• Provide accurate information on your location and the nature of the incident
When you have completed the above
• Do not attempt to repair the damage
• Do not cover up a damaged main or service. This may lead to the gas travelling through the ducts, sewers, chambers or voids and potentially building up inside a premises or confined space
• Do not turn off any gas valves in the road or footpath (you may cause further problems by doing so)
• Assist Gas Networks Ireland emergency personnel as required
• Remember any damage to gas pipes, even if the pipe does not appear to be leaking, must be reported to Gas Networks Ireland
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