IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide First Aid Option 01

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Practice the importance of remaining calm, getting help and taking control of the situation in the critical moments before help arrives


 Copy of a scenario per Patrol
 Copy of discussion questions


Aim of Badge Aim: To develop first aid skills
Tester/Leader must hold an up to date first aid certificate or a qualification.

This Badge has 14 options of which 14 must be completed

First aid in the outdoors is important to be familiar with if you are out walking or taking part in outdoor activities
• Give each patrol copy of the attached scenarios.
• Each patrol should discuss each scenario and come up with a plan of action including:
• How to look after the casualty
• Who to contact and how to do this
• What information is needed
• How to look after the rest of the group
Checklist for making an emergency call:
• Try and remain calm
• Dial 112 or 999. There is no charge for these calls but you should only use these numbers in an emergency
• How to use a Mobile Phone to contact the emergency services
• State what service you require, Fire Brigade, Ambulance or Gardaí
Provide the following: -
• Your own name
• The phone number you are ringing from
• The address you are at
• What the injury is
• What happened
• Don’t hang up until you are told to by the emergency services

Patrol leader weekend plan 2016/2017
Attachments/Template needed for activity YES


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