Emergency Aid 2 - Cuts & Bruises

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Cover the "How to help someone who is Bleeding" element of Emergency Aid


Hand dressings
Alcohol free wipes
Graze dressing
First Aid manual (as a crib)
Bruise wheel makeup


Organise 2 bases:
- minor bleeds and bruises
- major bleeds

Aim for each base to take around 20 minutes to complete and swap the groups with a drink in between.

Base 1

Minor bleed
- describe a scenario – I was doing wheelies on my bike and fell off and landed on some gravel, my hands and knees are all grazed up!
- Ask the Cubs what they would do
- Guide them towards the treatment described (attached)

- Describe what bruising is and what the colours of bruises represent (see attached info)
- Explain how to treat (cold compress, raise and support)
- Use the bruise make-up wheel to give on of them a cosmetic bruise or black eye

Base 2

Major bleed
- Describe a scenario – when I was doing wheelies I put my hand down on a rusty nail and now there’s a proper nasty cut with substantial blood flow
- Ask the cubs what they would do
- Guide them towards the treatment described (attached)
- Let then practice hand bandages with proper dressings


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