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IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Global Traveller Option 01

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Explain when you need a passport and how to get one


 Paper
 Biros
 Copy of passport application for each patrol -available from your local post office


Aim of Badge To encourage an interest in foreign travel

This Badge has 9 options of which 4 must be completed a subsequent badge may be earned when you complete 4 additional options
1. In patrols discuss
• Who has passport,
• When and why they got it.
(If none of the Guides have passports discuss when they think they would need one and why?)

2. Look at the passport application

• What do you need to obtain a passport?
• Where do you get the application form?
• How do you apply?
• Who signs the application form?
• What must go with the application?
• The importance of the photo?
• What is passport express?

The Guides should understand the application process,
The importance of a passport.
When and why you need a passport.




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