IGG Interest Badge Guide Global Traveller Option 07

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Cook an international dish on lightweight stove. (International Dish)


 Recipe books
 Paper
 Biros
 Lightweight stove
 Utensils for dish – as the guides list.
 Ingredients for dish
 First aid kit
 Oven gloves
 Plate bag


Aim of Badge To encourage an interest in foreign travel

This Badge has 9 options of which 4 must be completed a subsequent badge may be earned when you complete 4 additional options
This activity will be carried out over 2 meetings or on a weekend away

1. Choose a country and research the food that they traditionally eat
2. In your patrol choose a dish, this must be cooked on a lightweight stove
3. Plan the menu
4. List the ingredients required
5. Utensils needed
6. Plan the shopping and costing of meal

 Did the Guides enjoy the meal?
 was it something they had eaten before
 would eating the food from this country encourage you to want to discover more about the country and visit when older
 ask if any of the Guides been to foreign countries on holidays, let them tell other Guides of their experiences in these countries.

Template needed:


  • cooking
  • global
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • travel

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