IGG Interest Badge Guide Global Traveller Option 08

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Choose a holiday destination and make a list of all the things you need to pack (Holiday Packing Tips)


 Paper
 Pens
 Travel books


Aim of Badge To encourage an interest in foreign travel

This Badge has 9 options of which 4 must be completed a subsequent badge may be earned when you complete 4 additional options
1. Give each patrol a destination (use the countries of the World Centre’s)
2. Each Patrol picks the time of year that they will be travelling
3. Research the country climate during the time of year
4. Research tips for packing going to the country
5. Make a travel list including the following
• Suitable clothing
• Toiletries
• Medications
• Essentials -passport, plug adaptor, phone charger etc.

Debrief /Discussion
Each Patrol to report back to the other patrols their:
• Destination
• Climate at time of travelling
• Were climates similar
• Holiday list
• Had they forgotten anything
• What would they do if they forgot an item when they arrived to their destination

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