Safety Scramble

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A game to get the young people thinking about safety in a fun and unusual way


Bring a variety of objects to the meeting. Ensure that most are safety related (bicycle helmets, hockey protection equipment, knee pads, sunglasses, oven mitts, etc.) as well as some funny, non-safety equipment (halloween masks, funny hats, fake mustaches, etc.). Ensure there are more than enough items for each Cub Scout


Pile all the items at one end of the meeting place.
Form into sixes, in relay fashion. On Go, the first member of each six races to the pile and picks up an item. Continue until everyone has an item. Now sit down in a circle and ask each child to describe how the item is a safety item. Cub Scouts who selected a funny item, can be creative as they do their best to describe how their item could be a safety item (i.e. a fake moustache could keep the sun off their lips preventing sunburn). Introduce the concept that taking a friend with them every time they go somewhere is also a good safety practice. A friend can be someone their own age, a parent or a sibling.


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