Earthquake Simulation

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Simulate an earthquake (and tsunami) so patrols can act out what they would do if it happened in real life. In previous weeks we've learnt about how to prepare your family for a disaster and what to do in them.


Civil defence siren sound file.
Radio announcement sound files.
Something with speakers to play them on.
A prepared room that has been shaken, with things strewn everywhere, and emptied water bottles.
Bucket or other container of dirty water, placed outside
doll or paper doll per patrol (or a Ranger), placed outside
stuffed toy per patrol, placed outside

Emergency Bucket per patrol containing:
-string or cord
-plastic bags
-large rubbish bags
-lightweight gas cooker
-cloth (for filter)
-cloth (for bandage)
-damaged, empty waterbottle


Start in the middle of another activity like playing a game.
Play a siren and announce the building is shaking - encourage girls to Drop, Cover and Hold.

When the "shaking" has stopped:
Ask the girls if they know where to run off the electricity, water and gas for the building, get them to locate them (turn the lights off for the rest of the activity).
Give each patrol an Emergency Kit
Have them explore to see if there is any damage - check for "fires" and extinguish if small, check for structural damage, discover the water containers for their disaster kits were crushed.
Announce that there are huge cracks in the building, it isn't safe and everyone needs to take their Disaster Bucket and any jerseys and jackets they have with them (and shoes) and each patrol go outside.

Once outside each patrol needs to make a shelter.

Once you have made your shelter:
• Check on your neighbours
- do any first aid they require
- warm them up with a cup of tea
• Capture a run away pet
- tie it up
- give it some water to drink from a paper cup
• Make a temporary toilet
• Make a raincoat from a rubbish bag for someone who is cold

Suddenly there is another siren and radio announcement - there is a tsunami warning and the patrol must get everyone to the highest point possible (set some boundaries if you don't want them going too far from the hall, or if there's a chance they'll end up on a steep roof).
Wait for the all clear.

Take everyone back inside to debrief. Look again at the Civil Defence instructions. Did they do all the things they are supposed to do? Were their Go Kits sufficient? How did they feel?


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