Pirate Treasure

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Wide game for camp


Lots of chocolate coins
1 box (treasure chest) for each team
At least 5 adults, young leaders or scouts


2 Adult leaders (treasure hiders) to hide in woods with bag of coins. 2-6 Adult chasers to look for pirates and steal their treasure 1 left at base to guard the treasure chests
Split young members into teams of pirates
Teams run around looking for the treasure hiders. When found, they give 1 coin to the pirate. The pirate must run back to base with coin and put it in the teams chest.
But if pirates are found by a chaser they must give up their coin and go back to find another. Chasers can swap to treasure hiders when they have enough coins and hiders change to chasers when they run out. That way pirates dont know who to trust. Only 1 coin allowed between visits to the chest.
Game is over when adults run out of coins and the whistle is blown. Winner is pirate team with most coins in their chest.
Share out coins equally at the end to eat.


  • Team work game
  • wide games

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