Lava Dance

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Action game


Loud voice!


Leader to read out loud, pausing to allow Keas to do actions.
Keas LIE DOWN VERY STIFF AND STRAIGHT. Imagine you are hard rock being pushed and moved by earth’s pressure plates. You get pushed deep underground ROLL OVER AND OVER.
Now imagine you are being pushed into the hot centre of the earth. Feel your bodies getting softer and softer. When the lava boils, make your bodies SWIRL AND TWIST just as boiling spaghetti would. It gets hotter and faster boiling.
Now, imagine you have been rocketed into the air by an eruption. What would happen? LEAPING BOUNCING JUMPING?
Now the lava is flowing and rolling down the mountainside. Make yourself feel loose and fluid like water pouring ROLL ALONG WALLS AND AROUND EACH OTHER.
As the lava moves away from the volcano it gets cooler and slower and finally it is cold enough that it SETS SOLID!
(Keas freeze in whatever position they are in.)


  • action game
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