GGNZ Pass the Parcel

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Play pass the parcel using interesting traits to indicate who to pass to next. Could be used to hand out badges.
Added by the GGNZ Programme Team


Wrapping paper or newspaper and tape.
Slips with instructions for each layer
If also handing out badges - badges
Music - optional


In the centre wrap something that can be shared by everyone in the unit – maybe a story or bubble mixture. Into each layer, wrap a statement telling the Pippin who the parcel needs to be passed to. Try to make the statements positive and encourage the girls to pass it to someone who hasn’t yet had a turn.
Some suggestions for statements are
Pass it to the Pippin with the largest smile
Pass it to the Pippin with the longest socks
Pass it to the Pippin with the longest hair
Pass it to the Pippin with the most badges on her sash
Pass it to the newest Pippin
Pass it to the Pippin who is about to go to Brownies
Make sure there is the same number of comments as Pippins so everyone gets a turn
If adding badges have statements that say Pass to Sarah - and in the next layer have Sarah's badges. Make sure girls check each layer carefully so badges do not get caught up in the wrapping paper.



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