Pass the water

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Wet game - passing water from one scout to the next over their heads.


Enough water vessels for each participant - small buckets, jugs, large cups, small cups. Different sizes is good, but roughly similar amount for each six/patrol.

One big bucket of water per six/patrol.

One empty bucket per six/patrol.

A change of clothes - possibly!


This is a race / inter patrol challenge.

Space the each patrol in a line with a bucket of water at one end, and the empty bucket at the other end. The scout nearest the water bucket has the biggest water vessel. Then each scout gets a progressively smaller vessel.

The leader starts the game.

The first scout scoops up some water from their bucket. They stand back to back with the next scout and have to transfer the water into their neighbours vessel over the top of their heads. This then repeats with the second scout transferring the water to the third scout in the same fashion. And repeats through out each of the scouts in the patrol. The last scout pours the remaining water into their empty bucket.

The leader stops the game after a suitable amount of time. The winner is the patrol with the most water in their end bucket.


  • inter-patrol competition
  • Team work game
  • Water fight

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