Ice Cube Chop Stick Relay

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Moving ice with chop sticks should be easy?


two trays of ice cubes, a large plastic cup for each team and chopsticks for each participant


ssue a pair of chopsticks to each young person and split them into two equal teams. Give each team one of the large plastic cups. Arrange chairs in a line for each team, sitting side by side in one row. On one side (next to the first person) place the tray of ice cubes on the floor and on the other side (next to the last person in row) place the plastic cup on the floor. The task of each team is to move the ice cubes using only their chopsticks from the tray to the plastic cup. The winner is the team that will have the most ice cubes in their cup by the end of the game. Team members can only use their chopsticks and can only move one ice cube at a time.


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