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Examine three different types of currency not used in Ireland.
Know what the currency is called, and which countries it is used in.
If possible, have examples of the currency to show others.


 Pictures of 3 foreign currencies - coins and notes (see attached file)


Aim of Badge: To learn how to be responsible with money.
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Brownies should leave this challenge with a stronger understanding of money and how its daily use affects their lives. This challenge will help the girls develop currency awareness, learn about the purchasing power of money, and how to manage their money to plan for their future.

• Before the Brownies arrive, hang up the pictures of the currency around the room
• After you have opened your meeting, give the Brownies a chance to walk around the room and look at all the coins and notes
• When they have seen all the coins and notes, bring them back as a group

Ask the girls:
1. What did you notice about the pictures?
2. Which pictures were familiar?
3. Were any unfamiliar?
4. How do you get money?
5. What do you do with your money?

Some Brownie may receive pocket money and some may receive money for holidays or birthdays, or from the tooth fairy. For those who receive pocket money, ask them how they earn it. This may be earned through chores and they can save it or buy things for themselves. You can also ask the girls about how their parents or other adults earn money. This discussion may help to get ideas flowing before they start the next activities.


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