Brownies Crafts for Fun

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 Pen and paper
 Coloured pencils/crayons


What superpowers would you want if you were a superhero?
Try designing your own superhero!
Ask the Brownies to think about what their strengths are and how those could be used as superpowers.
Also, decide what causes they would fight for and defend e.g. the environment? Girls’ rights? Victims of bullying? It could be anything!

The Brownies should put all their ideas for their superhero down on paper and then give her a name.
Then they can draw/create a picture that represents her.
Once their hero is developed girls can share her with the rest of the Unit.

What would the hero do in a typical day? How would she make a good impact on the issues she cares about, and what qualities and skills would she need to possess? Be creative!


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