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In 2006, Bushcraft Magazine ran an article for the “Try Stick”, a woodsman/bush crafter's training tool used to develop one's knife use skills. The article was a very beautiful reprint, with new illustrations, of Mors Kochanski’s (pronounced Koe-hanski) knife use teaching aid for his students. Sadly, because the magazine was a UK print, it did not see mass distribution this side of the planet, hence the article was missed by many here, and now hard to get your hands on.

The “Try Stick” has developed somewhat of an underground following, a must if you will, for those wanting to show their prowess with a knife, while at the same time showcasing their work for all to see.

The “Try Stick” is nothing more than a stick, approximately an inch to inch and a half in diameter, and about fingertip to armpit in length. on this stick one carves various types of carvings that would commonly be used in woodcraft/bushcraft, though some are more to showcase one's ability to wield a knife.


Green Stick (about 60 cm long and 2-4 cm diameter) per scout
sharp knife per scout
broom to clean up afterwards


using a sharp knife explain what a blood bubble is ( the area around each scout that if using a knife wrong blood will appear)

using the attached document explain how each notch is curved

using sticks can take a long time if you are short on time during a troop night try large carrots first after all it is the technique we are after not the trophy of a nice carved stick (even if it does look good . . .)


  • knife safety
  • Knife skills
  • knife, axe and saw
  • Pot hook
  • Try-Stick

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