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Currency Race - Play a game to learn about Irish notes and coins


 Pictures of Irish currency - coins and notes (see attached file)


With this activity, Ladybirds will become familiar with Irish currency.

• Before the Ladybirds arrive, hang up the pictures of the currency around the room.
• Bring the Ladybirds together in a circle and tell them that there are different pictures of money hanging on the walls around the room.
• When you call out the name of a coin or a note they must move to the place where it is hanging.
• Depending on the size of the space and the needs of the girls this can be a running or walking activity.
• To make it more challenging or to keep the girls from following in groups, two pictures of each coin or note can be hung in different places.
• It is okay for the girls to visit a picture more than once.
• After the girls have had a chance to visit each coin and note once, bring them together and ask them some fun questions to wrap up the activity, e.g. what was your favourite coin or note? What did you learn from this activity?


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