Clock Making

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Make a working fleur-de-lis clock.


Clock faces
Clock printout (print slightly larger than the actual clock so they can see where the hours go)
Clock motors


Before the meeting:
* Cut out fleur-de-lis logos from the acetate. I found it useful to not connect them all with the horizontal line - makes painting easier.
* Paint the clock faces white

During the meeting - see photos:

1.jpg - Put the wood clock on the paper clock to get the locations of the hours, then draw & write the hours on the clock, using a sharpie.

2.jpg - Tape the fleur-de-lis onto the clock

3.jpg - Squeeze some paint onto a sponge and carefully wipe the paint onto the clock - ideally in a straight line as the lines will show.

Kill time with a game

4.jpg - the put the clock motor & hands on



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