Drop Hike

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Drop Scouts Near Newlands Bishop Farm or Hampton in Arden about 5 km from HQ. Scouts have to get back to HQ using Route Cards, compasses, maps and orienteering skills.


Maps, Compasses, Torches, Drinks. Route Cards


Split Scouts into 3 groups and give each group 3 different grid references they have to pass through on their way back. En route get them to take a bearing of a prominent local land mark from one of the grid references. Try to encourage Patrol Leaders or older Scouts to take the lead and to explain their actions and decisions to the group as they go.


  • compass work
  • Drop Hike
  • Hiking
  • Night Hike
  • orienteering

Badge Links

  • Navigator - 5km walk
  • Orienteer - Colours and symbols
  • Orienteer - Set map