Cup Cake Decorating

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Session 1: Planning
Each patrol is given a theme, we have previously done international cooking and each patrols theme was the country their meal came from.
Patrols have to design a decoration for 12 cup cakes - each cake must be different.
Internet can be used to discover more about the country and to price items at the supermarket.
Patrols have a budget of £5 to buy cake decorations, patrols can pool money. One patrol member must bring the cake decorations and receipt to the next session.
All decorations must be edible

Session 2: Decorating
Scouts use the materials provided to decorate the cupcakes, each scout must do at least two individually.
Prize for best individual cakes and best patrol and most innovative decorations
Scouts eat the cakes!
Tidy up time


12 cupcakes per patrol
£5 per patrol to buy decorations





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