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Learning about the cultures, foods, religion of a country, playing games associated with the countries and trying some of their national dishes.


Attached documents, see Instructions for equipment for suggested games, as well as suggested foods ready prepared.


Using the sheets, discuss with the YP the information relating to the accompanying country.
Couple this with a game or activity: blow football for Zimbabwe (each YP has a straw, place ping pong ball on table, mark out 'goals' and have a blow football tournament. Each child is given a sticky label with a county's name on, they are representing that country. Each YP takes it in turn to play a game of blow football until the last 2 'country's' are left to compete).
Build a spaghetti tower for Italy (or can use lego) - using uncooked spaghetti and marshmallows (mini and regular size) and give each 'six' an Italian monument that they must replicate (eg: tower of pisa, collosseum etc).
Long distance basketball for USA - place a bucket on a chair, in their sixes, take it in turns to try to get the ball into the bucket by bouncing the ball off the floor from a specified distance away.

In addition, provide some food from the countries listed for the YP to try.
Italy - Pizza, Pasta, Gelato and Espresso
USA - Apple Pie and fried Chicken
Zimbabwe - Raw Boerewors (spicy sausage) is served with sadza - note: it is suggested that you trial making sadza a few times first as it can be tricky to get the recipe correct.


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