The Racing Car Game

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A very simple Beaver scout game to encourage listening and paying attention. No setup required so 5 to 10 mins if you include a drinks break


None, however a variation can be played with a green/red/amber signal (cone, sheet of card etc)


Get the children to form a wide circle around the leader who then gives instructions which the children act out. Begin with "Start your engines", they all roar like racing cars, then any instructions you like, for example:

Green - Go, they run around the hall/space, make sure you indicate which way to go...
Red - They stop as still as possible
Amber - Jog on the spot ready for the next instruction
Speed bump - jump
Roundabout - they turn around 360 degrees
Broken down - sit until told they've been repaired
Traffic jam - slow down to walking speed
Horn - Press the horn action and shout "Beep beep"

Traffic jam on Fred - Fred slows and the others carry on round until they're all behind him
Combinations - so "speed bump speed bump roundabout" as one shout...
Zebra crossing - all lie down next to each other like a row of stripes
Rather than shout Green, Amber, Red, old up a coloured sheet of card or similar so they have to keep an eye on the leader or their compatriots to note the change
Short whistle blast - carefully slow down then change direction



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