Eagle eyes

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Wide game for playing in the woods




Children are told the boundary for the game, to include several largish trees. The leader closes their eyes saying "Eagle eyes closing" and starts to count down from 10. The children run and hide behind the trees, the leader says "Eagle eyes opening". The Eagle cannot move from their spot If the Eagle sees anyone peeping or poking out they have to join the leader. The leader then again calls "Eagle eyes closing" this time counting down from 9, then 8 etc each time the children have to swap trees until only one child remains. The children who are caught can become eagles and help to spot or you can play a variation where they are rabbits caught and put in the eagles nest, while the eagle is counting with their eyes closed if someone makes it to the nest all the rabbits are freed but they have to all hide before the eyes open. Other adults stand on the boundary to support.



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