Leaf Handprint Tea Towel

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These Leaf Handprint Hand towels make a great gift for parents and loved ones of your Beavers. All you need is a few craft items and basic tea towels and you have this great way to save how small your Beavers handprint was.
Have the Beavers paint their hands with the yellow paint then move to the orange paint and finished off with the red paint. I didn’t bother washing their hands in between the colors because it gave some great texture to the flat colors. Try to use a towel that doesn’t have a texture to it so the paint sticks on well.


Two white or cream teatowels

Red, yellow, orange and dark brown fabric paint
Paper plate
Foam paint brush
Thin tip paint brush


I recommend having a container of baby wipes at the table you are working from so you’re able to wipe off the paint from their little hands before they can get it all over everything on the way to the bathroom to wash their hands.

Pour a quart size blob of each paint onto your paper plate.

With your foam brush paint have the Beavers paint their hands with either the red, yellow or orange paint, next press their hand onto the tea towel. Choose different colors to paint their hand and press it into the towel at different angles. Repeat this until both towels are covered in multi-colored hand prints.

Take the thin paint brush and outline all the hand prints with the brown paint. To make the leaves veins you will paint a thin line down the palm of the hand print. Off of that line, you will need to make smaller lines going off the side on an angle.

Allow the paint to completely dry before use.

Follow the directions on your fabric paint when washing your towels.


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