Mini beast hunt and blind drop hike

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Scouts are dropped in patrols about a mile to a 1.5 miles from HQ in areas where mini beast could be found.

Scouts to navigate back to HQ and take photos of any mini beasts found.


Mini beast hunt
September 2017

Equipment per patrol

Each scout should have:
• Walking boots
• Waterproof coat
• A torch
• A day bag
• Water bottle (optional)

Patrol equipment provided by the patrol members
• The patrol should provide some means of photographing the mini beasts. That can be a mobile phone.

Team equipment
• One Hi Vis per scout and adult. Please ensure they are wearing it throughout the evening.
• One OS map
• One Street map
• Two compasses
• Two bug pots
• Mission details
• One clip board and paper for making notes
• One booklet on mini beasts, e.g.


Scouts are dropped at locations around a mile to 1.5 miles from HQ. Ideally they will not know where they are as the minibus would have been blacked out or they would wear blindfolds.

Scouts are provided with instructions (see files) and equipment.

Aim to get the scouts back to HQ 30 minutes before home time to enable downloading of photographs and handing in of notes.

This could also be a stage for getting individuals to show they can "Identify a number of features or locations on that map. You could pinpoint locations like the toilets, car park, bird hide or picnic area." This could be done through asking them to trace their route on the map and questioning them on certain aspects.

If time allows, get them to "Draw a simple map of where you live, your meeting place or another area local to you.". This could be the route they took today.

Your risk assessment to decide whether to have an adult with the patrol, depending on the location and the maturity of your scouts and other factors.

This is a good activity for scouts to teach other scouts navigation skills or invertebrate identification.


  • blind drop
  • Hike
  • inter-patrol competition
  • mini beasts
  • navigation
  • science
  • teamwork

Badge Links

  • Navigator - Draw map
  • Navigator - Equipment
  • Navigator - Features
  • Navigator - Locate
  • Navigator - Use map
  • Team Leader - Lead
  • Team Leader - Teach
  • Teamwork - Goal