Balls in Buckets

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Combined race/strategy game where the objective is to be the first to have three balls in your bucket


Three buckets
Five (or other odd number) balls/beanbags etc


Split the Cubs into two teams by height order and then number them so that the tallest two go up against each other etc.

Put a bucket in the middle of the playing area with the five balls inside. Put the other two buckets an equal distance away at the edge of the playing area. Assign one of these buckets to each team. Have an adult by each of them to judge.

When their number is called, the Cubs run to the middle bucket, pick up one ball and then run to put it in their bucket.

They can then choose to take another from the middle bucket or steal one from the other teams bucket. Play continues like that until one bucket contains three balls.

The winning team gets a point. Reset and call another number.


  • ball game
  • Bucket
  • team game

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