Tea-Towel Cutlery Bags

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Make a bag for camps away out of a tea-towel, shoe lace and toggle. Decorate with fabric pens.
Can be used to store damp cutlery, plates, mugs and bowls while on camp so that they don't get lost.
Could be decorated as part of a competition.
I suggested using this for badges instead of/as well as a camp blanket


1 Tea-towel per person*
1 long shoe lace per person*
1 toggle per person*
Fabric, permanent pens*
Sheets of cardboard
Iron/Ironing board
Sewing Machine and thread


See attachment.
I used One adult per station:
Sewing machine station
Decorating Station
Ironing Station
Pinning/threading station

Instructions 1-6 must be completed in order
Instructions 7-9 must be completed in order but either set of instructions can be started first. I had half the group carry out decorating and then construction and the other half construct first and decorate second.


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