IGG EXPLORE: Compulsory Challenge 02 Guiding

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Find out what WAGGGS stands for, how many countries are members and colour the WAGGGS World Flag (World Flag Description Matching Cards)


 2 Blue Cards
 2 Yellow Cards
 Photocopier
 Copy of text (see over)
 World flags


This is an additional activity which will help the Brownies explore the meaning behind what each component of the World WAGGGS stands for.

• Copy both sheets (see overleaf) each on a different coloured card and cut out.

 Divide year three Brownies (Explore) into groups of two or three
 Give each a full set of cards
 Each group to match description (yellow cards) and meanings (blue cards) of the different parts of the World Flag

The golden yellow Trefoil on a bright blue background
Our World -Wide Association
The outer circle of the Trefoil
The Sun shining over the children of the world
The vein pointing upwards
The compass needle pointing the way
The three leaves of the Trefoil
The three parts of the original Promise laid down by Lord B.P.
The two stars
The Promise and Law
The yellow blocks
A reminder of the three parts of our Promise
Th white corner


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