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1. Take part in games or activities that help Ladybirds get to know each other better. (Counter game)


 Coloured counters
 Copy of the chart overleaf for Leaders


To get to know each other better. This game allows Ladybirds to share information about themselves with the group.

1. Ask the Ladybirds to sit in a circle.
2. Pass a bag of counters around the circle, asking each girl to take out two or three different coloured counters. Inform them that there can be no swapping.
3. Then, once the girls have their counters, explain that, for every counter they have, they must tell the group something about themselves.
4. Explain the different colours and topics as per the chart.
5. If the first Ladybird has a yellow counter, ask her to tell the group something about a hobby or an activity that she likes to do, e.g. maybe she likes dancing or gymnastics.
6. Refer to the chart below for the topics of discussion relevant to the other colours.
7. After the first girl tells the group something about herself, move on to the next girl.
8. Keep going around the circle until each girl has shared two or three things about herself with the group.
• This game can be played in small groups of five to six girls; or
• Replace the counters with Smarties. Each Ladybird can eat the Smarties when she has shared some news about herself. (Note: Check for any food allergies).


  • Branch Weekend 2018
  • circle game
  • cultural diversity
  • getting to know you
  • IGG
  • interest badge
  • Trefoil News Winter 2017

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