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2. Listen to a story that identifies the need for us to respect our differences. (The Crayon Box that Talked)


 Copy of poem ‘The Crayon Box that Talked’ by Shane DeRolf (overleaf)
For additional activities:
 Crayons
 Paper


• Ask the Ladybirds to sit in a circle. Read the poem about the crayon box aloud to the Ladybirds.
• Discuss the poem with the Ladybirds. Ask them if they have a favourite colour, and whether or not they like to use all the colours when they are drawing pictures.

Additional activities based on the poem:
• Ask the Ladybirds to draw a picture, each using one of the colours from the story. Ask them to draw items/objects represented by that colour. For example, if a girl selects green she could draw grass or if she picks yellow she could draw a sun. Read the poem again and ask the Ladybirds to hold up their picture when you call out their colour.
• Ask the Ladybirds to draw a picture of a rainbow, or a picture using lots of colours.

Acknowledgement/Source: Winter Trefoil News 2017


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