IGG INTEREST BADGE Guide Art and Craft Option 19

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No 19. Make an article using some other craft of your choice. (Make an advent calendar)


 Selection of decorative paper
 Selection of card
 Mini pegs
 Decorative tape (Christmas theme)
 Glue Twine


To make each folded pocket for your advent calendar:
1. Cut a square of paper.
2. Place it diagonally in front of you.
3. Fold up the bottom corner to the central point of the square and press flat.
4. Next fold one of the side corners towards the middle, slightly overlapping the bottom corner, and press flat.
5. Run a little glue along the overlap and stick to the bottom corner.
6. Repeat with the opposite side.
7. Fold over the top corner, overlapping the sides and bottom of the envelope.
8. Place a card tag on top with a number on it and seal with a sticker or decorative tape.

When you’ve got 24 finished pockets in a range of patterns, designs and sizes, line them up on some lengths of twine and attach with small wooden pegs to display.

Acknowledgement/Source: Winter Trefoil News 2017


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