Posting box wide game

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Aim is to get as many stamped addressed "letters" in a post box for your team by collecting stationery, and getting it addressed and stamped and posted


Woodland space or other area providing interrupted line of sight, Min 4 leaders, Whistle, Stationery (e.g. post it notes), Rubber stamp and stamping pad or little stickers (e.g. year planner stickers), Pen of a kind the Cadets are unlikely to have with them (e.g. flourescent marker), posting box (e.g. shoe box with slit), funny hats -(min 4) or other distinctive clothing, optional water pistols


4 adults are given the roles of stationery shop, addresser, stamper and post box. Each wears a distinctive item of clothing (e.g. hat). The adults move around the playing area, making themselves slightly difficult to find.. cadets repeatedly visit each adult in the order stationer, addresser, stamper, post box. Each cadet can hold one item of stationery at a time (beware cheating). The stationer gives one sheet of stationery to a cadet that visits him/her so long as the cadet does not already have a sheet.. When visited by a cadet with a single empty sheet of stationery, the addresser writes the agreed code letter for the visitors team on the stationery (address). When visited by a cadet with an addressed piece of stationery the stamper stamps the stationery. When visited by a cadet with a stamped addressed sheet the post box allows the sheet to be posted. After about 20 minutes the whistle is blown and the number of posted "letters" per team is counted up. If you have spare adults there can be roving water pistol shooters. If you want to be nasty you can swap hats during the game.

If you want to give an accurate result of who has won before the end of the meeting then you need 10 minutes for a person to be available to check, sort and count the letters, discarding incomplete ones.


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