Chocolate Button Cup Pong

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Suitable alternative to beer pong for the younger ages!


table tennis balls
chocolate buttons


One on one. Set up 6 cups in a row at each end of a table (or on the floor a similar distance apart if you don't have tables). In each cup put a chocolate button in. Use a table tennis ball and try to get it in a cup at the other end of the table (by your opponent). You can either throw it straight in or it can bounce first but you can't cross the line of your own cups. If you get the ball in a cup, you eat the buttons in that cup and then the cup is moved out of the way. The winner is the person who finishes off all the chocolate buttons from the opposite line first. Patrols play other people in same patrol first as a knock out. Final winner from each patrol then goes up against the winner from another patrol in a semi-final. Winners from each semi-final plays in final to find the winning patrol



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