Roll a Skeleton Game

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A Halloween slant on the popular game of beetle.


Pre-cut skeleton pieces or printed sheets (small - or large), scissors, dice. Split pins


1.Cut out the pieces and place them in the middle of the table.
2.Youngest person rolls first and play continues clockwise.
3.Look at the number you roll and collect the piece for that number.
3.1 For a 6, take a body (needed before anything else)
3.2 For a 5, take a skull
3.3 For a 4 for left leg
3.4 For a 3 take a right leg
3.5 For a 2 take left arm
4.For a 1 take right arm
5.First player to complete their skeleton is the winner.

The small skeleton pieces could be used individually or the large skeleton pieces could be used in a relay game with lodges.
Beavers could also make their own skeleton using split pins to connect the pieces together.
Credit to Activity Village.

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