Silent Pass The Parcel

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Pass the parcel but with questions and no music


Wrapping Paper
Sweets / Prizes
Question & Answer Sheet


Wrap up a parcel containing sweets / prizes in each lay of the wrapping paper
Young people sit in a circle and the parcel is handed to one person.
You ask the first question from your quiz sheet and if the young person gets the answer correct they un-wrap a single lay of the wrapping paper reviling a sweet/prize and pass the parcel on to the next person to be asked a question

The answers to the questions should be numbers and ones that the young people will not be able to answer first time round.

Example, How long does a human eye lash grow in a year? In millimetres how high is Ben Nevis. Obviously you will need to know the answers.

So if a human eye lash grows 56 millimetres in a year and the answer given is 40 the leader replies “higher” and the parcel is passed on to the next person, if the next person says 60 the leaders reply is “lower” and passes on the parcel. This continues until the a young person give the correct answer and is able to un-wrap a lay, this continues until all the wrapping paper is removed. Therefore make sure you have enough question for each lay of the parcel.


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