Patrol Challenge: 50 Foot Rescue Relay

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Patrol Challenge: 50 Foot Rescue Relay

Pull Scouts from one end of the hall to the other and teaching bowline


– Materials: a cardboard square and one 50-foot rope for each patrol


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– Method: Patrols line up in relay formation. One Scout from each patrol sits on the square of cardboard about 35 feet in front of his patrol. On signal each patrol prepares their rope for an accurate distance throw. One member casts the line to their Scout who must grab the rope while remaining on the cardboard. Once he has the rope, he ties a bowline around his waist, grabs the cardboard with both hands and remains on the cardboard as the rest of his patrol pulls him ashore.
– Scoring: Patrols score points according to how effectively they can rescue their patrol mate(s).
– Variation: Patrol members take turns coiling and throwing the rope and riding the cardboard.


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