Light Painting

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Create images/words using torches or other light sources


Camera with ability to adjust exposure time - with tripod
Torches, candles, sparklers, glow-sticks or other suitable light source
Dark clothing
Dark outside area with low light emission, or darkened indoor room


Set up the camera on the tripod, or other suitable stable base, and decide on a reasonable exposure time (this depends on the complexity of the image being created) - usually something between 30 seconds to a minute.
Set the camera and as soon as the exposure begins then Explorers can move the torches to create a picture - be it simple shapes, complicated images, logos, words etc.
The long exposure time means that the light appears as a continuous line.
Depending on the image being created it might take a but of practice and a few takes to get it right.
Try using different light sources and see how they affect the image being created - torches, coloured film, led lights, glow-sticks, sparklers, flashing lights, flourescent paint and a black light - the only limiter is your imagination.

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