Turkey Balloon Rockets

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Explore a bit of Science with turkey balloon rockets this Fall

This activity was lots of fun and easy enough to set up. This is a great Thanksgiving activity and so much fun.


Large drinking straws
Crafted turkey's (we made ours out of craft foam)
A place to secure the string and make the race track (we used chairs )
Balloon pump


Begin by securing a piece of string roughly 5 feet long to a chair. To race two turkeys, secur two pieces of string to two chairs side by side
Next you will want to string a large piece of drinking straw onto each piece of string. Then attach one turkey to each drinking straw with one piece of tape sticky side out in the middle
The tape facing out will be used to attach the turkey to the balloon just before launching

Once the turkey straws are threaded onto the string you will want to tightly attach the other end of the string to another chair. You can have as many 'race tracks' as you see fit in the race
Make sure the string is pulled tightly between the chairs so that the rocket can move quickly. Once your track(s) are ready to go blow up two balloons and then use the extra piece of tape on the straw to attach the balloon to the straw and turkey.
Pull your balloons all the way to one end of the string track with the balloon openings up against the chairs and then.......
Once the balloons are set free the turkey's will go racing down the track

The Science Behind the Fun: To make an object propel forward there has to be force coming from behind it. This is a simple lesson in action/reaction.




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