Lava Island

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The team is on an island surrounded by lava and they must retrieve one object each that they need to survive.


Items to make a large circle with, e.g. rocks, sticks, or rope, etc.
A water bottle for each member of the team


Create teams of between 4 and 6.
Make a circle on a flat or partially sloped area using rocks, sticks, or whatever is available; the circle should be large enough to comfortably fit the participants in and allow them working room.
Everyone should have a small object (a water bottle works very well).
Instruct all participants to lie fully stretched out on their backs around the outside of the circle, with their feet touching the perimeter of the circle. Make sure participants are evenly spaced.
Now everyone places their object (water bottle) on the ground at the top of their head. Then the participants get up and get inside of the circle.
Explain that they are now surrounded by a pool of lava and the only safe spot is the "island" they are now standing on, which is marked by the ring you created.
The goal is to retrieve all the water bottles outside the circle without touching anything outside the circle (the lava) and without using anything other than themselves (no hats, gloves, bandannas, etc).

The solution involves hanging onto one person as he/she leans out and grabs the bottle; in doing so (because of the location of the bottle) the person's body will be nearly parallel to the ground. This is a great team building and trust/support game.


  • team building
  • team work

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