My Favourite Things

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Beavers to design a shield that shows their favourite things


paper shields (Steve to source OR there's a template I had from my teaching bits if its of any use - see OSM activity for file link)


- Ask the colony to think about their most favourite things quietly in their heads for a moment. (If you're feeling brave you can ask them to 'chatterbox' this with the person next to them for a minute too.) Take a couple of examples.

- Show the colony an example 'favourite things shield' if you have one, or a blank shield template if not.

Explain that we will be getting to know eachother today by finding out each others favourite things.

Ask the colony to write draw OR write their 4 favourite things (food, animal, toy, sport / hobby) on to their template shield. (Remember to tell them to put the names on the back).

The finished shield will then be put in the centre of the room.

Beavers take turns to pick up a shield and ask questions of the group in order to find out who it belongs to. i.e. Who likes unicorns?


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