Radio Procedure

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Beavers to use Walkie Talkies to move between different locations around the base. They use the phonetic alphabet to spell each new location and await permission from base before proceeding to that location.
Cubs Add in an element of Friendly / Enemy Forces if location is occupied then they must call in to get a new unoccupied location.
Scouts as Cubs also add in a timed element where Scouts give their ETA to each location, to make them plan how long each walk will take.


1 walkie talkie for each lodge, pack or patrol
Paper and Pen to write down each spelled location


Pink Pigs: calling base over
Base: go ahead over
Pink Pigs: tell base where you are going – "Climbing Wall” over
Wait for permission to move
Base: move now over
Pink Pigs: "At Climbing wall proceeding to Playground” over
Wait for permission to move
Base: move now over


  • communication
  • Phonetic Alphabet
  • radio

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