Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

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Find out about the 3 R's (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) and do something of your choice from each R.

Reduce - Discussion or crossword
Recycle - Relay
Reuse - Tin Can potted succulents


Tin cans (1 for each girl and cleaned)
Succlent clippings, any seed
potting mix
Face mask
Gardening gloves
Coloured paper/ ribbons to decorate, hessian cloth, twine, spray paint, glue (optional)
Range of recycling, Glass, rubbish and soft plastic (some clean recycling, some dirty)
Recycling bin
Rubbish bin
Be aware of what can be recycled in your area


Ask girls how they can reduce effects on the environment. eg walk/bike instead of car, buy food without packaging
Wordfind -
Crossword -

And harder versions:
Wordfind -
Crossword -

Recycle Relay
Lay out rubbish, recycling, glass and soft plastic. Get girls to split into groups.
1 girl at a time can pick up a piece and choose if it should go in the rubbish bin, recycling bin, soft plastic bin or glass bin (dependent on what's available in your area).
Once she has placed it where she believes is correct she tags the next girl in her line to choose a different piece.
Continue until all recycling, Glass, rubbish and soft plastic is cleared.
Have a conversation about whether items have been put it the correct place (read up about the recycling opportunities in your area first). Make sure you mention that recycling and glass needs to be clean

Give a tin can to each girl.
Teach them how to use hammer and nail
Have girls hammer a few holes in the bottom of tin can using nail
Optional - If using spray paint, paint tin and wait to dry.
Wet potting mix, have girls wear face mask, gloves and wash hands afterwards to prevent Legionnaires disease.
Have girls fill their tin with potting mix
Poke a small hole in potting mix 1-2cm deep.
Plant succulent or seed, gently push potting mix around succulent or over seed.
Optional - Use paper, ribbons and glue to decorate the outside of tin

These can be kept inside or Outside. If kept outside tin will rust.


  • Plant
  • recycle
  • Reduce
  • reuse

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