Norfolk Rocks

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Children to paint rocks and either take them home to keep or join in with the Facebook Norfolk Rocks with parents/carers. Leave painted rocks in locations for others to find; leave or keep and post on the facebook page. Parents need to join facebook page not the children.


Pebbles/rocks; acrylic paint; paint brushes; varnish; nail polish; permanent marker pens; hairdryer


Give pebbles/rocks one/two (if time allows) coat of paint and dry with hairdryer if necessary; then paint with their design or give a theme. Could give pebbles/rocks coat of paint before meeting to speed this process up.
Message from Facebook page; Bringing a little magic and mystery to Norfolk and beyond! Whenever you are out and about, keep your eyes peeled for Norfolk Rocks - you never know where they may be hidden. If you are lucky enough to find one, simply take a picture of yourself with the rock and post it here on facebook. Then, either take your rock home or rehide it for someone else to find. Feel free to join in with creating your own rocks to hide. Happy Hunting!

• Be mindful where you 'hide' your rocks. Always respect businesses and private property.
• Rocks can be purchased from most garden centres and DIY shops. They should not be taken from beaches etc.
• As many children like to be involved in this activity, please ensure that designs are suitable for all ages.
• Rocks can be decorated with any type of pens, crayons, paints or nail varnish. The important thing is to seal your rock to make it weather proof. Spray lacquer, clear varnish and clear nail varnish work best.
• Remember to write this on the back of your rocks: Please post my pic on the 'Norfolk Rocks (UK)' FB page, then take me home or rehide me.
• You may want to sign, initial or hashtag your rocks to make it easier to spot them on this page once they have been found.


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