Christmas Nativity Models

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Create a Nativity model, Mary, Joseph, Crib


Half Size Cane to make Teepee
cut down cane tied into a oblong.
Paper/card cut into strips
Paper to Draw baby Jesus


Ask group to talk about the story of Jesus
Make the Mary and Joseph with Neckers wrapped around a teepee shape made from Half size Cane. Using different colour neckers makes it work better..
Make the Crib with- 4 pieces of cut down cane tied into a oblong. Then cut paper/card into strips and weave to make the bed. Stick paper to cane with cellotape - surprising strong.
Draw paper Baby Jesus on a square bit of paper and job done :)
Make to the size you need - our models where about 2 1/2 Foot high.

Our Explorers made the Mary and Joseph and our Beavers made the Crib, suitable for all ages.
Big thanks to our Beaver Leader (Badger) for the Crib idea.



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