Can a tomato slice, grow more tomato seedlings?

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Using a tomato slice to grow more tomatoes works.
Lesson 1 is about patience, caring, perseverance. and success.
Lesson 2 teaches them the elements needed for seeds to grow - light and water.


Enough tomatoes to cater for Kea numbers.
Potting mix.
Toilet roll or yoghurt pottle or any similar type of pot.
Chopping board.


Kea (with aid of parent/leader) to cut a slice off the tomato.
Take the container and fill 3/4 of the way to the top.
Place to slice of tomato on top of this soil.
Use enough soil to cover the tomato until it cannot be seen.
Add water until the soil is damp not swamped.
Kea to take home and put in a warm place and water when required.
To bring back the following week to check and compare any changes.


  • tomato, seeds, toilet roll, yoghurt pottle, spoon, chopping board, knife

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