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The names of Pippins in different countries around the world including details of promises and uniforms
Added by the GGNZ Programme team


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Use this list to find out more about Pippins in other countries.
Use to play ladders or make into cards and play snap or dominoes
Make a Kim's game using different items to represent each section (Daisy, small apple decoration, toy dolphin, rainbow picture etc)
OR Place pictures of Pippins from other countries around the room. Include other details if you know them such as promise, countries flag etc Choose any countries you like – maybe where you or your girls have visited or just some you like the look of. Have coloured pens or pencils available for the uniform colour
Get the Pippins to create paper dolls to represent Pippins from other countries. They can move around each picture and colour one of their dolls to match. Either give them individual dolls or a string of paper dolls. The Pippins could make these themselves before decorating them or just decorate them – you know your girls and their abilities best.


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