GGNZ Process Cooking - Chocolate Muffins

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Each child prepares their own individual serving of chocolate muffin.
Added by GGNZ Programme Team


Butter, sugar, baking powder, egg, milk, cocoa, flour
Measuring spoons, small bowl or mug per child, muffin tray


Mix 1 egg and 2 cups milk together- this is the egg/milk mixture

Each child needs to cream 1tsp butter and 1 tsp together in their bowl or mug
add pinch baking powder, 15mls of the egg/milk mixture, 1/2tsp cocoa, 1 Tbsp flour and mix together
place into greased muffin trays and bake.
Be sure to label the muffin tray (or draw a picture of the tray and write each child's name in their muffin place in the tray) so their muffin can be returned to them when it is cooked and cooled
Be sure to get everyone to wash their hands before you start and help with the dishes when you are done.


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  • muffins
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