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A Story to Share Imagine you are a raindrop, travelling through the atmosphere. What will you see? Where will you go? (Used with permission of Girl Guides of Canada, Water for Tomorrow Series, Canadian Guider.)
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Water Cycle picture - one per person to colour in


The Happy Raindrop Tell a story of a raindrop that falls from the clouds and have the girls describe all the things they think that drop will see and do as it makes its way through the cycle.
(For example, if it falls as snow in the mountains, someone might ski over it; when the snow melts it moves from there in surface runoff, it might fall into a tree and be transpired back into the atmosphere again.
Or it might percolate through the water table and become part of the ground water piped into someone’s house for drinking, or move directly into the ocean where the fish live and be evaporated again into the atmosphere).
The Unhappy Raindrop Tell the above story, but ask the girls what they think would happen if the trees were missing from the picture; if there was not topsoil to help the drop percolate; if the ground water was contaminated; or if the seas were polluted. Ask them what they think might happen if the sun becomes too hot. Ask them what they think will happen if the gases we pump into the air make the raindrop too acidic, explain the effects of acid rain on plants and animals throughout the cycle.
(A good way to describe Acid Rain it to liken it to vinegar diluted in water — maybe have the girls taste this. Do they think plants or animals would survive on this water)?
Tell this story while the girls colour in the Water Cycle picture on the next page. Explain simply what the different parts to the water cycle are.


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