Morse code name bracelets

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Beavers make a Morse code bracelet to spell out their name.


Two types of bead, eg round and hama beads, pre-grouped into colours eg (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple).
Black elastic cord
Word doc below - with Morse code alphabet and sheet to write name and translate to morse code


Before meeting, cut 30cm pieces of elastic cord and knot each piece about 5cm from one end.
Beavers write name on paper and translate into Morse code.
Use round beads for dots and hama beads for dashes.
Beavers collect the beads they need for each letter of their name - suggest using two colours and alternating, eg ANNA would be red A (dot dash), blue N (dash dot), red N (dash dot), blue A (dot dash).
Please beads ready in the correct order on sheet of paper.
Thread a single black or white hama bead onto the cord, then thread on the beads for the name, then finish with a single black or white hama bead.
Adult to tie knot to secure beads.
Beaver to have a go at doing a knot to tie the bracelet together.



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